Coaching Excellence


Learn how to coach effectively and see the results at home and at work. Become skilled in using a range of coaching tools. Course starts 6th October, and we meet each Tues and Wed morning 09h00 – 12h00 for three weeks.


Coaching is a conversation with a purpose which leads to positive, transformational behavioural change towards a goal, dream or a vision, in any area of your personal or professional life. Coaching uses processes, tools and asking thought provoking questions to create what your coachee truly wants to experience as well as the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

The overall aim of coaching is to create change via awareness, reflection, learning, new actions and thoughts and personal accountability.

This new course will draw from various coaching frameworks to build expertise in six key coaching skill areas: Listening, Questioning, Rapport-building, Reflecting, Being objective and being Action oriented.

You will gain direct experience in practicing various models and developing the expertise to use them in different coaching situations at work.

The course will consist of 6 three hour sessions each running from 09h00 – 12h00 (with a 20 min break in the middle J).

This Introduction course is:

  • designed for Zoom
  • will consist of 6 three-hour ‘live’ events, hosted by The Trust Connection trainers
  • each 1h30 minute session will focus on one stage of the model
  • includes live demonstrations
  • will use the ‘break-out room’ feature
  • optional ‘home-work’ opportunities for those interested in deepening what they learn in the session

When: 6 x 3 hour sessions: Tues & Wed: 09h00 – 12h00 on 06.10 – 07.10; 13.10 – 14.10; 20.10 – 21.10 2020.

Where: Zoom

Trainers: Charles Ainslie, Certified NLP Trainer and Generative Change Coach, supported by Zaynub Parker, NLP Trainer & Life Coach

Cost: ZAR 5,000; scholarships available to deserving candidates.

Here’s a rough outline of what we will cover (the order will probably change):

Programme outline

Session 1: Tues, 6th Oct: Core coaching skills 09h00 – 12h00

09h00 – 10h20: learning new listening and questioning skills

Develop the ability to ask clean questions to build rapport with another person, as you listen to their view of the world in any coaching conversation.

20 min Zoom break

10h40 – 12h00: learn new ways of building rapport

Develop new awareness of picking up the different ways in how people communicate, allowing you to match and pace them and then influence.

 Session 2: Wed, 7th Oct: Core coaching skills 09h00 – 12h00

09h00 – 10h20: establishing attainable outcomes

This ‘well-formed outcomes’ model will help you in establishing a strong, maintainable outcome in a coaching conversation.  

 20 min Zoom break

10h40 – 12h00:  learn to pick up important mindset filters and patterns

Play a game and learn about the filters we use to make sense of the world; and how to create more choice for ourselves and others in a coaching conversation.

 Session 3: Tues, 13th Oct: The Generative Coaching framework– 09h00 – 12h00

09h00 – 10h20: Introduction to Generative Change and an overview of this unique 6 step generative coaching model. In Step 1, both coach and client relax, centre, open, and ‘link in’ to their creative field by establishing a COACH state.

We explore different methods for opening a creative field for coachee, coach, and the client/coach relationship.

 20 min Zoom break

10h40 – 12h00: Step 2 & 3: from the COACH state, we set an intention & develop a generative state.

Here intention is identified as the “driver” for translating the infinite possibilities of creative consciousness into real and relevant forms. The coachee is supported to move into a high-level performance state relative to the intention/goal.

Session 2: Wed, 14th Oct: Generative Coaching – 09h00 – 12h00

09h00 – 10h20: Step 4: We take action, by identifying and actualizing the steps to success.

Specific methods include developing timelines, story boards and daily diaries

20 min Zoom break

10h40 – 12h00: Steps 5 & 6: transform obstacles & keep it growing. How can inevitable obstacles be creatively engaged and transformed as resources?

We are introduced to various techniques for welcoming obstacles; we explore daily practices.

Session 4:  Tues 20th October: GROW coaching model: 09h00 – 12h00

09h00 – 10h20:  Step 1: Whats your Goal?

Here we focus on the initial stages of setting up a coaching structure with a coachee and selecting and establishing a goal.

20 min Zoom break

10h40 – 12h00: Whats the Reality of where you are now? What are your Obstacles and what’s the Way forward?

From our goal, we consider the realities of where we are right now, then we consider obstacles we may face in going for our goal, and finally, we set out a way forward.

Session 5: Wed, 21st October: Johari window model for coaching: 09h00 – 12h00

09h00 – 10h20:  Step 1: Introducing the Johari window model

Learning to use this model in coaching conversations.

20 min Zoom break

10h40 – 12h00: Reflection, integration, way forward

We will reflect on the various coaching models introduced in this course, integrate our learning through a final coaching exercise.

 Your Certified NLP Trainers & Coaches

Charles Ainslie Certified NLP Trainer & Coach, Generative Change Coach

My first principle of training is for me to show up as truly myself, open, honest and congruent as a person and thereby demonstrating NLP as a way of living. This is the best way for me to connect in a real and deeply transformational way; and the basis for humble, accelerated learning.

I draw inspiration from a number of areas of my life where I’ve lived and learned. These include my decade as an international mergers & acquisitions adviser and observing how often it was the ‘gut feel’ criterion that were ultimately most critical in sealing deals. Then, close to a decade setting up an incubation philanthropic trust in South Africa coaching non-profit township organisations. During these years,  I used NLP more and more directly, until it became the central experiential framework in my training and coaching practice.

And music supports my soul, and I use every opportunity to sing and play my cello.

My teachers include Gene Early; Sue Knight; John Grinder and Stephen Gilligan & Robert Dilts – International Association of Generative Change

Zaynub Parker, Certified NLP Trainer & Life Coach

I am a Life Coach and NLP trainer. I have trained with international Life Coaches and NLP trainers such as Marie Quigley and Janine Bailey, from Empower World, based in Qatar as well as the author of “NLP at work”, Sue Knight.

I consider myself to be a “people person”. I enjoy experiencing new cultures and perspectives. I am fascinated by human behaviour and the “difference that makes the difference”.  I specialise in supporting people create awareness of self as well as identifying old ways of being that no longer serve them and developing new strategies to better support them to achieve personal fulfilment in every area of their lives.

I am passionate about connecting with people in a meaningful way that supports them to make a positive difference in their own journeys and worlds.


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