Certified NLP Practitioner Programme Live Online


Certified NLP Practitioner course, live online

Our next Certified NLP Practitioner Live Online course begins at the end of May, 2021. We will run 15 x 2 hour sessions over a three month period to maximise a longer integrated learning period. This will be supported by additional one on one coaching. This is a fully Certified NLP Practitioner course, following the international NLP Practitioner level course content in line with ANLP (UK) standards.



Certified NLP Practitioner course live online

Our next Certified NLP Practitioner Live Online course begins at the end of May, 2021. We will run 15 x 2 hour sessions over a three month period to maximise a longer integrated learning period. This will be supported by additional one on one coaching. This is a fully Certified NLP Practitioner course, following the international NLP Practitioner level course content in line with ANLP (UK) standards

Week 1: 31.05 & 02.06 & 04.06 ;Week 2: 09.06 & 11.06  ;Week 3: 28.06 & 30.06 & 02.07 ;Week 4: 07.07 & 09.07  ;Week 5: 26.07 & 28.07 & 30.07; Week 6: 04.08 & 06.08

All course times are 09h00 – 11h00 South Africa time/12h00 – 14h00 India/07h00 – 09h00 UK

This is what our participants said about our recent courses:

“The course was amazing! This allowed me to work better with the youth and mentees I am mentoring to support them in reaching their desired outcomes. All sessions were interesting and had useful learning elements.” Zain

 “I would rate it 10/10…The structure of the course was excellent, it incorporate practice as well as theory in the correct bite size chunks. Also the intervals between the sessions was perfect. It gives enough time to process the new information and to put it in practice. The pace of the sessions was also perfect, not an overload of new information. 

 “I really appreciated the safe space that was created and maintained during the sessions.  I was able to share freely and the safe space encourage me to share more than what I would have at any given time. Another thing that was awesome was the fact that I could pick up the core skills as you demonstrated it during the sessions and that helped a lot with my learning.  You talk the talk and you walk the walk!” Margaret

 “Charles did a fantastic job and I have learned so much.” Donovan

 “It was so eye opening and a self-development process. I believe to be a good coach you must also expand.” Thokozil

The NLP way

The course is designed to give you a series of powerful experiences, where you are guided through a sequence of NLP models to experience these for yourself and learn how to use these for yourself and with others. The NLP way is to use mind and body to raise our self-awareness to how we think, the mindsets we unconsciously use, and the freedom that comes with being able to model excellence in the world, and use your own resources to design strategies for success.

Our approach

Our approach is organic, gentle, respectful and structured around giving you many opportunities to be curious about what else you want in your life and taking the next steps to make this happen.

Your trainers

Your lead Trainer, Charles is an experienced NLP Trainer, and has trained with John Grinder, the founder of NLP, as well as with a range of the world’s most distinguished pioneer NLP Trainers including Robert Dilts, Gene Early and Sue Knight.

 A unique course

Our South African programme is unique and includes senior leaders from the private and not for profit sectors, creating a richly diverse group of participants, and this contributes hugely to the overall learning experience.

Key outcomes

As an active participant on our courses, you …

  • will be empowered to create the hope for a better future
  • will be more curious about improving your life
  • will learn a new set of flexible mindsets to increase your influence
  • will be enabled to explore and connect with your values
  • will develop as a higher-performance leader in business, the non-profit sector or in your community
  • will free yourself from the emotional baggage that limits you from reaching your full potential

Some high performance habits you will develop

  • listening: active engaged listening comes from a place of genuine curiosity about yourself and others
  • flexibility: being willing and able to explore multiple options and possibilities
  • being calm under pressure, a sign of an effective leader
  • leading by example: develop your own roadmap and inspire others
  • appreciating others & giving and receiving feedback: make rapid progress by embracing learning opportunities and taking calculated risks
  • developing trust: our transform your workplace into a space where people look forward to spending time together, being creative and feel safe to be vulnerable
  • develop emotional intelligence: leaders with higher emotional intelligence are more successful
  • adopt positive solutions : you’ll have renewed confidence in your own abilities and purpose and broaden your perspectives

Designed for Zoom

  • will consist of 15 two-hour ‘live’ events over 3 months
  • each covering a specific NLP Practitioner Certification topic
  • including ‘open frames’ for reflection
  • includes live demonstrations of NLP models
  • will use the ‘break-out room’ feature on Zoom
  • optional ‘home-work’ opportunities for in deepening the learning experiences

When: 15 x 2 hour sessions: dates above. All sessions 09h00 – 11h00.

Where: Zoom

Trainer: Charles Ainslie, Certified NLP Trainer and Generative Change Coach

Cost: ZAR 15,000/$1,000/Euros 825/ GBP 750.

Bank details: Account name: The Trust Connection; Bank: Nedbank; Branch code:  104 309 00; Account Number 119 781 5074

To confirm a place please send your payment confirmation to charles@thetrustconnetion.co.za

Here’s an outline of what we will cover (the order will probably change J):

Programme outline

Part 1

Session 1

Pillars and NLP; Core communication model 1: using the COACH model to unlock your personal powerful ‘essence’.

Founding NLP Pioneer, Robert Dilts highly recommends this NLP model.

 Session 2

Core communication model 2: learning the ‘Clean Language’ model

Develop the ability to ask precision questions to connect deeply and respectfully with another person, as you listen to their view of the world.

 Session 3

Core communication model 3: matching, pacing, leading

Develop the ability to build rapport quickly and support another person sensitively.

 Session 4

Reflect, review, consolidate

Session 5

Core communication model 4: perceptual positions

Learn a unique and easy way to improve relationships by gaining new perspectives and choice.

 Part 2

Session 6

Core communication model 5: patterns and filters

Play a game and learn about the filters we use to make sense of the world; and how to create more choice for ourselves and others.

Session 7

Core communication model 6: neurological levels of change

This is a profound model is used to integrate your deepest purpose with concrete action plans, either for yourself or your organisation.

Session 8

Core communication model 6: timeline treasure chest

Learn new way of resolving past blockages and bringing resources from your past, into your present.

Session 9

Reflect, review, consolidate

Session 10

Core communication model 8: parts integration

This model is a deep and core NLP model designed  for resolving inner conflicting parts.

Part 3

Session 11

Core communication model 9: timeline re-imprint

Discover how you unconsciously represent time, and experience this powerful way of enabling your older, wiser self to provide insight and healing to your younger self.

Session 12

Core communication model 10: drama triangle

Learn how to recognise when you enter any of the rescuer, victim or persecutor roles and how to give yourself more choice in these scenarios.

 Session 13

Core communication model 9: future pace time line

Consolidate your learnings and use this highly effective time line model to create and plan your next important project.

Session 14

Harvest learnings and plan next steps

Session 15

Harvest learnings and plan next steps


Your Certified NLP Trainer

Charles Ainslie Certified NLP Trainer

My first principle of training is for me to show up as truly myself, open, honest and congruent as a person and demonstrating NLP as a way of living. This is the best way for me to connect in a real and deeply transformational way; and the basis for humble, accelerated learning.


I draw inspiration from a number of areas of my life where I’ve lived and learned. These include my decade as an international mergers & acquisitions adviser and observing how often it was the ‘gut feel’ criterion that were ultimately most critical in sealing deals. Then, close to a decade setting up an incubation philanthropic trust in South Africa www.thelearningtrust.org coaching non-profit township organisations. During these years,  I used NLP more and more directly, until it became the central experiential framework in my training and coaching practice.

And music supports my soul, and I use every opportunity to sing and play my cello.

My teachers include Gene Early https://www.linkedin.com/in/geneearly; Sue Knight www.sueknight.com; John Grinder  www.nlpacademy.com and Stephen Gilligan & Robert Dilts – International Association of Generative Change www.generative-change.com.



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