What is the role of a coach?

Sustainable, positive change in the world doesn’t happen randomly, it happens when someone, somewhere decides to do something. When I decide to do something, I form an intention, make a plan and make it happen, for myself, at home or at work. 

Actually, my success depends on one main thing: we call it neuromuscular lock.

When I’m in flow, I’m like a real-time magician, able to create something that will last. When my muscles are contracted, I’m a defensive machine and I’m stuck. The muscle tension disconnects me from my inner resources. Its like I’m holding myself away from my deeper involuntary instincts and creative intuition that is where the magic really comes from.

Stress causes my muscles to contract. And its my negative reactions to things that causes stress. So I realise that in order to achieve anything worthwhile, I need to find ways not to react in a way that causes me stress and release the stress that I carry that holds me back from the depths of my creative self:

This means…

From moment to moment, I need to create more choice and perspective in how I think about things. I want to be able to choose mindsets every moment that reduce incoming stress, and give me new ways of becoming creative.

And in parallel, I need to release the trauma muscle tension that I’ve stored up in myself.

Now I can start developing new powerful habits that last. And creating positive social change in the world. 

This is where The Trust Connection coaches and trainers get busy. Through our experiential training and coaching:

We raise our self-awareness to noticing our patterns, habits and unconscious biases.  We pay attention to the language structures we use that limit our potential. And we de-code how exactly other people do the incredible things they do, that we want for ourselves.

And, we welcome both the brilliant and shadow sides of ourselves – we are at our most strongest and useful when all of our parts have a seat at the table; then we move towards integration, balance and creativity.

And, we raise our self-awareness to our wandering minds, that so easily prefer hanging out with all the thoughts we like in the world, ignoring and devaluing the things we don’t like.